FL052 – 9″x12″ Folder with one straight right side 4″ Pocket – with no slits

FL051 – Folder with two 4″ round pockets – horizontal slits
June 24, 2017
FL053 – 9″x12″ Filing Tab Folder with one round right side 4″ Pockets – “S” slits
June 24, 2017
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- Quantity
- Design/Prepress Services
- Stock Option
- Outside Printing Options
- Inside Printing Options
- Coating Options (required for heavy coverage)
- Foiling and Emboss Options
New Foil / Emboss die - one time charge
- Proofing
Two-panel (9″x12″) presentation folder with one straight right side pocket that is 4″ deep and no business card slits on the pocket. This folder has also three expansion creases in the meddle instead of one spaced 3/8″ apart.