FL054 – 9″x12″ Folder with one straight right side 4″ Pockets glued both sides- regular slits

FL053 – 9″x12″ Filing Tab Folder with one round right side 4″ Pockets – “S” slits
June 24, 2017
FL084 – Circular Curved Pockets Folder – four sets of slits
June 24, 2017
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- Quantity
- Design/Prepress Services
- Stock Option
- Outside Printing Options
- Inside Printing Options
- Coating Options (required for heavy coverage)
- Foiling and Emboss Options
New Foil / Emboss die - one time charge
- Proofing
Two-panel (9″x12″) presentation folder with one straight right side pocket that is 4″ deep and regular business card slits centered on the pocket. This pocket is glued on both sides.