Use printed presentation folders for trade shows and conferences

Importance of folders in different industries
October 30, 2017
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Use printed presentation folders for trade shows and conferences

At first glance, the presentation folders look like a means to efficiently store the documents. No doubt, this is the primary function of these folders. But, if you use them strategically, you can strengthen your marketing efforts.

From pen drives to small booklets, there are lots of freebies that a brand distributes during trade shows. They are, definitely, useful. But, this is not an economical form of marketing. Conversely, printed folders are highly economical. Not only do they save money, but ensure that the impression of your brand stays in the mind of customers. This happens because the customers will use your folder to store leaflets, inserts, and brochures from other brands participating in the trade show. Therefore, you will automatically have the edge over others.

Just like trade shows, the folders can be used efficiently for conferences. When you are hosting an annual event, or a meeting, provide the attendees with folders for easy organization. You can give the folders with the welcome packet. The interesting idea is to print images of previous conferences on the folder. Also, the logo is inevitable if we are using the folders for promotional purposes. You can include a schedule of the conference/trade show/exhibition with the folder.

Don’t forget to coordinate the design of your folder with other materials, such as backdrops, booth displays, and signs. Various businesses from Minnesota have used printed presentation folders for promotional purposes. Several companies from New York also make the use of these printed presentation folders to spread the word about their brand.

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